Houston Community College (HCC) will be recognized by the Texas Workforce Investment Council (TWIC) for leadership in integrating industry-defined skill standards into three programs.

At an event set for April, HCC will be honored for its Level 2 certificate programs in Digital Gaming and Simulation for Artists, Digital Gaming and Simulation for Programmers, and Geographic Information Science.

“This is recognition for the scope, design and relevance of our programs and the impacts they are making on preparing our students for in-demand workplace roles,” said Madeline Burillo-Hopkins, Ed.D., HCC Southwest president and HCC vice chancellor for Workforce. “We are proud of the college achievements TWIC has endorsed, thanks to the dedication of Southwest College’s instructional team and leaders.”

The team includes Thomas Ronk, HCC Workforce Quality and Development director; Christopher Khuong, Digital Gaming and Simulation program coordinator; and Michael Boucher, Geographic Information Science program coordinator.

The Digital Gaming and Simulation for Artists certificate equips students to enter the industry with traditional art training and hands-on experience in developing games and simulations using the latest software and hardware. The certificate for programmers, meanwhile, emphasizes structured and object-oriented programming, scripting languages and hands-on experience in game development.

The Geographic Information Science certificate allows students to learn skills needed to enter the rapidly expanding sector. Students learn computer programs that enable them to create maps and other graphics that can be integrated with data.

The recognition from TWIC allows HCC to affix a gold, embossed seal to the certificates earned by students who complete the three programs, signifying to employers the college meets industry standards.

Prospective students can learn more at hccs.edu/gaming and hccs.edu/GIS.