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Employers and those in the relocation industry provide our Houston Newcomer Guides to their transferees, new hires, and clients who are moving to the Greater Houston area, giving them all the information they need to get settled in to Houston.

Please feel free to utilize this complimentary resource by passing it along to folks who are moving into the region. We hope that the guide helps your transferees have a smoother, quicker, and less stressful relocation process by learning about Houston’s housing, neighborhoods, schools, and about life in Houston at the earliest stages of their journey.

The Houston Newcomer Guides publish every six months which provides the latest updates and you with the freshest material.  We’re happy to provide you with complimentary copies now and down the road. Just fill out the form below to request more printed copies.

We hope that Houston Newcomer Guides become a part of your checklist when bringing talent and newcomers to Houston.

REQUEST YOUR FREE Houston Newcomer Guides today and keep a supply on hand for your new hires welcoming them to our great city!

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