Established in 1977, The Branch School serves students in an innovative and collaborative learning environment for preschool through eighth grade. Recognized for its peacemaking and character-building emphasis, The Branch School also connects children to their natural world in our Outdoor Classroom.


Advanced Academic Opportunities 

As a student at The Branch School, your child will be taught the necessary skills for a dynamic world. An education at The Branch School is a unique experience for your child to develop critical thinking and problem solving in an individualized learning environment. The enriched academic opportunities include a STEAM-focused curriculum, character education, nature studies and language courses. While academics are a priority, The Branch School cultivates involvement in extracurricular activities, including but not limited to, engineering, robotics and the arts. Participation in such activities promotes creativity and inspires students to excel not only in their studies but also social situations.


The Branch School


Dedicated Educators

The Branch School has a reputation of maintaining a respectful, safe and nurturing environment. The administration, staff and teachers are dedicated and talented professionals who support students to learn and lead through project-based and collaborative learning opportunities. Our educators are devoted to assisting your child to accomplish their goals and improve performance in a reliable and caring way. A low student/teacher ratio permits individualized attention, efficient observation and safe school grounds.


Mission Statement

The mission of The Branch School is to inspire students to love, learn, and lead.

 The Branch School


Vision Statement

The Branch School is a loving community which learns and leads from love. It provides an innovative, collaborative, and dynamic learning environment based on divinely inspired principles for pre-school through eighth grade, where children are free from limited thinking and supported by talented, spiritually-minded educators. The school is recognized for its peacemaking and character-building emphasis, as well as its emphasis on connecting children to their natural world in our outdoor classroom. Its highly integrated curriculum and inspired practices prepare children as leaders in their future life and educational experiences in a global community.



The Branch School curriculum embraces the best practices in education. As a school that serves PK – 8th grade students, we seek to instill in our students loving kindness, the highest level of learning and leadership ability. The Branch School does this by creating and sustaining a safe and loving community to inspire children to love, to learn, and lead through challenging academics, collaboration, character building, and peacemaking; all of this is nurtured through Grace and Grit.

  • Inquiry-based learning is initiated by student-driven questions and observations. These observations foster their curiosity and the original thought necessary to pursue answers. Students are given opportunities in a supportive environment to take risks, thereby opening their minds to invent new solutions. This cultivating of inventive minds coordinates well with our STEAM-focused curriculum.
  • Project-based learning, through cross-curricular integration, encourages a depth of study that reveals critical connections that develop insightful understanding.
  • Collaborative-based learning establishes a community in which teachers and students support one another in promoting learning goals, leadership, individual character, and peace.