Search the Houston Housing Market for Homes for Rent or Lease

Need more than an apartment? Houses, condos and townhomes can also be leased and are usually listed with area Realtors, property management companies, or individual owners. Rental houses and townhomes are listed on Homes And Rentals and are updated every 15 minutes.

Realtors are the best source for leasing single-family homes. Check out preferred neighborhoods, considering community pools, civic associations and deed restrictions. Most single-family houses do not include utilities in the lease, so tenants must arrange for electricity, water, gas, cable and Internet connections separately. Deposits are usually one-month’s rent and there may be extra fees for pets, utility installations or service charges.

Texas protects renters. If residents fulfill the terms of their lease, the owner must refund the security deposit in full, or provide a written explanation within 30 days. If not, the owner could be liable for three times the amount illegally held. File complaints with the Houston Apartment Association’s Resident Relations department.