We believe who children become is as important as what they know. For over 30 years, Primrose Schools has helped empower children like yours to reach their full potential. Our exclusive, time-tested Balanced Learning approach was created from the best early education wisdom of balancing purposeful play and nurturing guidance to encourage curiosity, confidence, creativity and compassion.

Proprietary Curriculum: Research- informed and time-tested

Training: We train our people to be the best

Equipment: From tables and chairs to toys and books, every piece of equipment is chosen for a purpose

Assessment: Highly personalized and tailored to each age level

We know that a child’s interests can lead to exciting exploration, discovery and understanding of the world. That’s why our proprietary curriculum integrates language and literacy; science, technology, engineering, creative arts and math (STEAM); social studies; music; physical development and health; and compassion, kindness and life skills continuously throughout the day. Your Child’s Path to Educational Discovery Begins Here Every stage of your child’s education is filled with age-appropriate, enriching experiences led by our passionate, committed and caring staff. Infant to Preschool Classrooms: Inspiring curiosity and wonder in the Primrose Wonder Program. Preschool through Kindergarten Classrooms: Encouraging children to venture out and discover the world around them in the Primrose Venture Program. After School Care for ages 5 to 10: Stimulating continued exploration of a child’s individual interests in the Primrose Explorers Program.


Primrose School at Greenway Plaza

Primrose School of Upper Kirby