For the third consecutive year, Lone Star College was named a 2019 Great Colleges To Work For® by the Chronicle of Higher Education in partnership with ModernThink, LLC.

“Lone Star College has worked very hard to encourage collaboration and nurture a culture that values and respects all employees,” said Stephen C. Head, Ph.D., LSC chancellor. “This effort leads to greater student success.”

Lone Star College also received special designation as an Honor Roll institution, one of only four two-year large colleges to be cited most often across all recognition categories.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, in partnership with ModernThink, LLC, gathers data directly from employees about what makes their institution a great place to work. The data collected provides senior-level administrators and academic leaders with insights on the quality of the workplace experience and the competitiveness of their policies and benefits.

The primary factor in deciding whether an institution receives recognition is the employee feedback.

“The institutions recognized in this year’s Great Colleges to Work For program don’t wait for problems to occur to pay attention to their people,” said Richard K. Boyer, principal and managing partner, ModernThink LLC. “Conversely, they’re intentional (and successful!) in being good stewards of their institutions’ cultures and shaping the day-to-day experience of their faculty and staff to the ultimate benefit of their students.”

LSC was recognized in 10 categories:

  1. Collaborative Governance
  2. Professional/Career Development Programs
  3. Teaching Environment
  4. Facilities, Workspace & Security
  5. Job Satisfaction
  6. Work/Life Balance
  7. Confidence in Senior Leadership
  8. Supervisor/Department Chair Relationship
  9. Respect and Appreciation
  10. Diversity

The Chronicle’s 2019 Great Colleges to Work For® survey is based on responses from 236 institutions comprised of 152 four-year colleges and 84 two-year colleges. In all, 85 institutions were recognized as 2019 Great Colleges to Work For®, including 60 four-year institutions and 25 two-year institutions. Only 42 institutions of higher education received the special Honor Roll designation, being recognized as standouts in their size categories.

LSC developed LSCFocus, a leader-led process designed to create a culture of accountability and achieve key organizational results. This intentional focus on culture and use of several very simple culture management tools allows LSC to make the needed cultural shifts to meet its goals.

“We understand our greatest asset is our ‘human capital,’” said Head. “I am very proud of the way our faculty and staff members demonstrate their commitment to our students’ day-to-day experience.”

The Great Colleges to Work For® is one of the largest and most respected workplace-recognition programs in the country. For more information and to view all the results of the survey, visit the Great Colleges Program website at