Houston and the gulf coast region can be full of surprises: world class museums, five star restaurants and star studded entertainment are just some of the amenities that attract people from all over the world.

Another benefit the area enjoys is Lone Star College. Many people are surprised to learn that LSC has more than 95,000 students walk through its doors each semester. LSC is today’s smart choice for students looking to earn an undergraduate degree, start a new career or update their skills.

Students choose LSC because of the extra attention they get thanks to the small class sizes, averaging only 23 students per class, the convenient campus locations that are close to home and the flexible schedules LSC offers. No matter what their goals, Lone Star College is ready to help them realize their dreams. LSC is recognized as a world leader in workforce training and helps build a strong regional workforce in industries like health care, construction, accounting, energy, computer technology and transportation. LSC also helps qualified students find financial aid and grant funding options that can provide training at little or no cost.

Many students interested in a four-year degree start at LSC, then transfer to the university of their choice, saving thousands of dollars without sacrificing quality. LSC students can also take advantage of the Honors College at LSC for high achieving students and study abroad and international programs, programs not commonly associated with a community college.

High school students can get a jump-start on college with Dual Credit classes which allow them to earn high school and college credit simultaneously. Students save money on college tuition, complete their degrees quicker and build confidence by easing the transition to college. LSC was recently recognized as a Top 5 producer of associate degrees, ranking fourth nationally among all community colleges in the U.S. by Community College Week magazine. LSC is a proud member of the community and a major contributor to the local and regional economy with an annual economic impact of $3.1 billion.

Affordable, close to home, world class. When you add up all the benefits, you can see why more than 95,000 students choose Lone Star College. Visit LoneStar.edu to learn more about the significant role LSC plays in the community.