Social Security Number

Information/ Application

Physical locations:

8989 Lakes at 610 Drive, 77054
16200 Dillard Drive, 77040
5414 Aldine Mail Road, 77039


  • Wait 10 days after your arrival to apply for a social security number.
  • Takes approximately 2 weeks for the card to arrive.
  • No fee for the application.
  • Take original or certified copies of immigration documents,passport & biographical information & photo.


Texas Drivers License Application & Locations

  • Texas has a 90-day grace period.
  • A written & driving skills test required.
  • Credit cards, cash, checks, and money orders.
  • Take your passport, social security number, proof of residency, lawful presence, status.
  • Proof of vehicle registry.
  • Completed application.


Credit Unions

  • Credit unions are owned by members. If your company has a credit union, you can easily set up an account and get a credit card.
  • Social Security number, a photo ID (passport), minimum deposit required.


  • A checking account can be opened individually or jointly.
  • A debit card will give you immediate access online and at ATMs.
  • Social Security number, driver’s license, proof of residence, photo ID (passport), pay stub or utility bill and a minimum opening deposit.
  • International banks in the USA include HSBC, Citigroup, Barclays, Deustche Bank and Credit Suisse. An account at one of these banks can usually be opened in the US.

Credit Card
• Request a credit card & debit card (ATM) when opening a bank account.
• You will need a residential address, phone & place of employment, credit history.



Houston Apartment Association Q&A:

  • Prices for apartments are based on apartment size and number of bedrooms.  Rates typically include basic utilities (ask for details).
  • Rental requirements include: a credit & security check. Texas Drivers license, passport, bank statement, proof of employment, and a deposit.
  • Rental applications may require your credit history, employment history, rental history and criminal history, and disclosure of legal status or proof of legal residency.
  • You are responsible for your lease for the entire term of your contract.
  • If you terminate your lease contract early, rent may be accelerated and additional charges can be levied against you.
  • Get any changes to your lease contract or term in writing.
  • Be sure to ask about pet deposits.
  • Apartment locators will help you find an apartment and their services are free.

Leasing a Home

  • Leasing a home is much like renting an apartment.
  • You might be expected to take care of the yard on a weekly basis, maintain the property and abide by homeowner regulations.
  • You will pay all the utility bills (water, power, trash pickup & cable).
  • You will need a TX driver’s license, proof of employment, credit & personal references & a deposit consisting of the first & last month’s rent.

Buying a home

You can view homes for sale and find a Realtor who speaks your language on

Realtor/Homes for Sale & Lease

  • You can check your credit score through your bank.
  • To purchase a home you will need a good credit score based on your credit history.
  • Report all of your income on your tax return as mortgage loans require proof of income – typically your IRS return.
  • You do not need a Realtor to purchase a home, but Realtors are trained to help you with pricing and other legal responsibilities.
  • Realtors use various sources including Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to find homes.
  • Realtors are usually paid by the seller, their services are free to buyers.

New Homes/Builders/Communities

Realtors are independent and can help you locate a newly constructed home available from a variety of builders. Builder sales reps. work for the builder. If you are working with a Realtor, you should register your Realtor with the homebuilder when you arrive.


Affordable Care Act

  • If you are relocating to the U.S. for a job, the HR department will assist you with health insurance for your family.
  • To shop and compare health insurance visit the Affordable Care Act web page.
  • You will need your social security number, passport, health history, employer information, and a credit card.


State of Texas
Texas does not have state taxes. Texas collects 8.25% sales tax & property tax only.

Internal Revenue Service
Federal income tax for most workers is filed on April 15 of each year. There are numerous rules and regulations for expatriates, the following are resources to get you started. Your employer can also assist you.

Internal Revenue Service:


Day Care:

  • Some centers only care for children until they are ready for Kindergarten at age 5. Other schools offer Kindergarten.
  • Will need your child’s birth certificate, social security number, passport, application.
  • Schools vary widely, make several trips with and without your child at different times of the day. Ask for referrals.
  • Public Schools
    PK-12 Texas Education Association:
    Required for children 6-18 years of age in USA.
    Child’s birth certificate, passport, social security number, transcript, doctor’s statement.
    The Houston area has excellent public schools which serve students from Pre-K through 12th grade.
    You can research individual school districts, schools, ratings and test scores at the Texas Education Association website.
    Elementary school (grade 1 through 5 or 6), Middle school or junior high (up to grade 8 or 9), High school or senior high (up to grade 12).


Community colleges are located in all parts of Houston. Houston has numerous 4-year colleges and technical schools.

Private Schools

There are a variety of independent and faithbased private schools in the Houston area.

  • Enrollment is most cases is based on openings in certain grades.
  • Check with each school for enrollment requirements as they vary from school to school.
  • International schools offer the International Baccalaureate program and might be better suited for children planning to later attend university outside the US.


Most questions are answered on the U.S.Citizenship & Immigration web sites below. Contact your Consulate about your country’s requirements.

General How Do I Guides:

Employment Visa:

Green Card:

Permanent Resident:
Schedule appointment with USCIS officer:


Entry Requirements:

    • Dogs & cats must be vaccinated by 4 months of age followed by booster shots every couple of years.
    • Pets not wearing license tags and/or leashed can be impounded.