Setting a High Standard of Superior Education

The moment you step inside Calvary Episcopal Preparatory you can tell something special is going on here. A museum of pictures grace the walls of the office with large canvas prints of students engaged in activities depicting what this school is all about. Vocal interaction is contagious, lively chatter between teachers and students is prevalent, they are confident, polite, but most of all, they are smiling.  There is a feeling of calm and support as the school day begins. This is not your average school.

calvary preparatory


Calvary Episcopal Preparatory is the second oldest private parochial school in Fort Bend County. Since opening its doors in 1956, Calvary has continued to expand with community support to include Pre-Kindergarten (3 year old) through 12th grade. Academics are a top priority at Calvary, but the school has so much more to offer. A well-rounded curriculum prepares all students, with opportunities to explore all avenues of learning. The faculty opens the doors to the possible and leads them down the path of success.

Calvary Episcopal Preparatory is home to almost 200 students and reflects the diversity of not only Richmond Texas but Fort Bend County. The focus is simple: Regardless of the grade level, all are taught Christian Character Education with the seven pillars of character: Reverence, Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. These morals are instilled in each student and practiced every day. From strong academics to championship athletics, this school excels at preparing each student for a successful future. However, the one expansion of their co-curricular program that differentiates them from other schools is their commitment to sustain a premier fine arts department. Band, choir, visual arts, theatre are all an integral part woven into the academic world. Calvary exemplifies where true interdisciplinary education can grow the whole child. Themes in the classroom are carried over into the arts and themes in the arts are supported among the different forms of expression.


Highlighting one of the departments within the visual and performing arts is the dynamic theatre arts program which is predicated on the philosophy that all students can have a place in the theatre world.  The theater program is a labor of love for Ms. Paula “Cookie” Smith. In the beginning of the school year, the students are introduced to the mechanics of being on stage, and backstage. By December they have the choice to audition for the school production in April or work backstage as a technical “ninja.” Many students struggle with stage fright but the words “I can’t” are not a part of the curriculum. Ms. Cookie’s philosophy is that every student needs to find their inner confidence and she strives to make the environment so safe that students can build their self-esteem.


Ms. Cookie is not a typical teacher, but neither is the fine arts department or the rest of the faculty, for that matter at Calvary Episcopal Preparatory. Students and faculty are “Called to a Higher Standard” and Ms. Cookie gladly embraces that. One of her signature procedures is her “concert mode” which requires immediate silence and a professional performing artist stance. It is pleasurable to see and brings a smile to ones face to see 94 students, within 3 seconds, silence themselves and be 100% engaged. There is no consequence, respect is obtained by expectation and love. Headmaster Malcolm Smith is supportive of the undeniable progress the theater students make. He said, “This program fits into everything we do. The development of self-confidence is a priority for all our teachers at the school. We strive to develop the whole child which is what learning is all about. Everyone faces many challenges and our goal is to introduce our students to every aspect of communication they may encounter. The whole staff is focused on a collaboration of teamwork with one major goal in mind, superior education with loving support.”

Calvary Episcopal Preparatory is a “family” of people devoted to education, spiritualism and morality. Their tireless efforts to continue a rich tradition of academic excellence is forthright. Focus is to expand all the possibilities, they edify the “whole child” and the result is a well-rounded, confident, educated individual. This is not a conventional school; it is extensively more. Episcopal Preparatory will continue to be at the cutting edge of progress in today’s school system with the highest standard of quality education.


For more information or to schedule a tour please contact:

Headmaster Beth Dow
1201 Austin
Richmond, TX 77469


Article By: Joan Frances