At Klein Independent School District (Klein ISD), every student enters with a promise and exits with a purpose. Klein ISD achieves this vision by centering on the following five targets: pathways, challenge, equity, leadership and continuous improvement. As Promise2Purpose investors, district staff focus resources and relationships on three strategic priorities.

The first strategic priority is Reimagine Learning. This priority is defined as personalized learning, a flexible and challenging curriculum, as well as standardized evaluation. Cultivate Talent is our second priority and is achieved through a best-in-class leadership pipeline, feedback loops and self-reflection, as well as targeted professional learning. The final strategic priority is Build Community. We achieve this via relationships, mentoring and partnerships, engaging, educating and equipping families, and through cultural responsiveness.

Ensuring that every student has a clear pathway to success allows the district to personalize learning and ensure that all graduates have a bright future ahead of them. Before graduation, Klein ISD promises students the opportunity to explore and experience various pathways that include not only successful mastery of a guaranteed and viable curriculum, but also coursework and experiences that appeal to students’ unique talents, interests, and abilities.

Klein ISD is comprised of five high schools, nine intermediate schools, 31 elementary schools, one early childhood/ prekindergarten school, one high school of choice and two specialized campuses. High school students may also choose to attend the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) Programme or the International Business Academy (IBA) housed on two of the high school campuses.

Considered a fast-growth district, each year hundreds of new families choose to live in Klein because they appreciate its exceptional staff, excellent facilities, outstanding academics, exceptional sports and fine arts programs, active volunteer programs, and emphasis on student safety.