Best values in multiple sectors makes Houston the BEST city for Millennials. 

The city of Houston ranks as the number one best city for Millennials according to a recent survey conducted by

Houston tops the list in overall value (making the city worth living in), what people pay and what people get for what they pay (quality satisfaction).

It is not surprising that Houston ranks best for millennials.  The city is full of trendy areas such as The Heights, Montrose, Memorial and many more.  There are plenty of great universities, and tech companies and start-ups.

Being a millennial in Houston makes everyday expenses and culture very important for making a life and a career in the ever-growing city.

Houston tops many of the lists of categories surveyed including:

  • Overall Value (Ranking #1)
  • Diversity (Ranking #2)
  • Easy to meet people (Ranking #3 – tied with Austin)
  • Fair income taxes (Ranking #1)
  • Everyday expenses (Ranking #1)
  • Salary potential (Ranking #3)
  • Amenities for children (Ranking #2)

While the above pertain to all millennials, the city of Houston is very proud to say that the doors are open to the younger culture coming in and continuing to keep our city rich and diverse.