The city of Houston is world-famous for medical care. At the forefront of advancing life sciences, Texas Medical Center is one of the world’s most respected medical centers. Each year, TMC receives 10 million patient visits. It has 106,000 employees, 50,000 life science students and thousands of volunteers. It is home to 21 renowned hospitals, 14 support organizations, and a myriad of academic and research institutions, and specialty schools. As the largest medical complex in the world with 9200 beds, it is busy; a baby is born here every 20 minutes and a surgical procedure begins every three.

The dedicated scholars collaborating at the Texas Medical Center have great expertise in cardiovascular disease, cancer, children’s medical problems, neuroscience, strokes, rehabilitations and other areas. More heart surgeries are performed here than anywhere else in the world.

In addition to the most modern and comprehensive healthcare facilities in the Greater Houston region, residents of Northwest Houston can find family doctors and specialists, as well as neighborhood emergency clinics that are equipped to treat most illnesses, minor injuries and other health-related needs. With little or no waiting, walk-in patients can get a routine physical, school immunizations, and standard screening tests. Some clinics are located within stores or shopping centers and have extended hours to accommodate their patients.

Recent additions to personal health care options include specialty clinics that treat conditions such as smoking cessation and weight loss. Wellness Centers affiliated with hospitals or a physician’s practice frequently offer weight reduction, health management programs and medical spa treatments.