Have you found your new home in Houston and your wondering what comes next?  Are you planning on moving to Houston and lining up ways to befriend your new city?  Whatever the case may be, the list below gives some suggestions on getting use to your new city.  Weather you plan on easing in, or completely immersing yourself in the new found Houston area culture, knowing the best ways to get situated can be key to a successful launch.  Here are some tips on getting settled and learning how to navigate towards new friends and experiences here in Houston:


Find your favorite places to go.

Locate all the stores, banks, shops, drug stores (anywhere you frequent all the time) as soon as you can.  This way when you need to run out and take care of errands, you are not left feeling overwhelmed with finding places and sorting through directions.


Make some new friends. 

Even if it is just your new neighbor, reach out and make some new friends.  Such a great way to not feel like you are the stranger anymore when you know the folks around you.


Ask Locals for feedback. 

Wanting to check out that local pub?  Need some advice on the schools in the area?  Ask locals for their feedback on things within the area to get a good feel for what is great and what is, well, not as great!


Use Social Media.

See what is going on in and around your new city.  Find out what is trending and what the latest news is.  This will help familiarize yourself with what is going on and the different things to do in the area.


Get familiar with the roads. 

Finding your way around and getting more familiar with how to get from your home to your child’s school, or from your child’s school to your office will make your days much more relaxing.  Getting a hang of the freeways, tollways and backroads will help you find the fastest ways to move around.


Become a volunteer. 

What better way to make some new friends and learn about your new community but to volunteer.  This can be at a church, a shelter or even better join the PTA at your child’s new school.


Plan things to look forward to.

Falling in love with your new city can be easy when you have a schedule of events and activities that you just cannot wait to attend.  Book sports tickets, theatre, plan a trip to the museum.  Sign up for some dance lessons, or a local soft ball team – all these things will help get you in the mix.


Say YES to everything. 

This is part where you get out there and do some new things!  Try a new restaurant, hang out with a new friend or even take that job interview.  Go to things people invite you to, try the local fair and just say yes, for once!