Houston’s Hidden Gems

Visiting Houston soon to plan your relocation?  Check out these hidden gems in Houston to make your trip more enjoyable!

The best way to truly experience a destination while you are on vacation is to find where the locals are. Many cities have places that are popular for tourist to visit, but to get a real feel for the city you want to experience the local culture.

The residents in Houston know which bars are worth visiting, like Grand Prize Bar, and which ones you will want to avoid. Going where the locals are will provide you with an incredibly different experience than hitting the same night life as the rest of the tourist.

When it comes to dining, there is no one that knows where to find the best restaurants better than the people who are living and eating in the city every day. They know where you can find a bakery that has been making old-fashioned pies for over 45 years. They can also direct you to a Mediterranean restaurant that is also a wine bar.

Tourists miss many of the attractions and entertainment that Houston has to offer. This infographic can show you where to go for fun and entertainment while you are visiting Houston. Whether you are ready for a laser gun battle or want to check out life under the sea.

Follow the paths of this infographic to view the hidden gems of Houston.

Infographic Provided by Houston Party Ride and Offer Climb.