Primrose School of Barker Cypress is a private preschool that provides an exclusive early learning approach that balances purposeful play with nurturing guidance from teachers to encourage curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion. They believe who children become is as important as what they know. Primrose Schools is accredited by the early education division of AdvancED, a national academic accreditation agency.

“How does Primrose do it?” Their research-informed approach to teaching, learning and care is unparalleled. They deliver more than a curriculum; it’s a life changing early learning experience for children and their families. The adventure of discovery and unparalleled learning that Primrose children experience comes from progressing through their comprehensive and connected Balanced Learning approach. “

What is Balanced Learning?” Balanced Learning is Primrose’s exclusive, time-tested approach which nurtures intellectual, creative, physical and social-emotional development. It balances play and guidance to appeal to different learning styles; uses an inquiry-based early learning cycle; and enables teachers to focus on each child. Balanced Learning is created and regularly reviewed by early childhood experts, and is time-tested.

The mission of Primrose Schools is to forge a path that leads to a brighter future for all children, and their vision is to deliver the best and most trusted early education and care for children and families across America. These are high standards, but necessary for the Primrose experience.

“What is the Primrose experience?” It is the peace of mind that their people, their Balanced Learning approach, and their commitment to service excellence foster in those who interact with Primrose Schools.

Stop by Primrose School of Barker Cypress for a tour so you can experience the Primrose difference for yourself! Primrose School of Barker Cypress is located at 16555 Dundee Rd, Cypress, TX 77429; phone 281-225-0123; and can be found online at