If you are moving to Houston and looking to work in the tech industry, you are in luck. Over 9,200 tech companies call Houston home, along with a 250,000 tech employees. There isn’t a shortage of tech jobs, as the city is reporting 63,000 job openings in the tech industry alone.

The tech industry contributes $29.2 billion to the Houston economy, and jobs include software programming, website development, cybersecurity, IT, and data administration.  Major companies in the area include Microsoft, Amazon and Hewlett Packard.

The average tech salaries in the Houston area tend to run a little higher than the national average as well. Which mixes well with the lower cost of living in the Houston area, and the longer term work from home model that has been adopted by most tech companies over the past two years.

Here are the average tech salaries paid in the Houston area:

Computer and Research                                    $133,220

System Analysts                                                   $119,540

Network Architects                                              $116,380

Developers, Analysts, Testers                            $106,670

Programmers                                                         $100,070

Support & Specialist                                             $59,200

Source: Zdent.com