“It’s certainly not unlike that” said Tim.

As an executive with a major oil & gas company, and a recent transplant to Houston, Tim does not deny that moving to a new city amidst a pandemic, with a young family in tow, was a challenge. When we asked about the transition process specifically if it compared at all to drinking from a firehose, the young executive was more than candid in his response.

It’s non stop. Movers, daycare and school choices, a new commute, new colleagues, the list goes on and on It never seems to end. I had no choice but to find somewhere to escape it all.

Tim’s dad taught him how to play golf in high school, after Tim had shown interest in learning the game because a girl he liked played on the golf team. Though that relationship never materialized, a passion for the game of golf and eventually a recognition of it as a source of rest and respite from the chaos of modern life did. And as he grew his career, and as a husband and a dad, he’s brought his golf game along with him to provide a recreational outlet at every stage.

“I am somewhat competitive, putting a few dollars at stake with some buddies is always fun. But it’s not why I play. It’s the peace that comes with being outside. It’s the appreciation of the landscape, the thought required to advance the ball strategically. At the end of the day, it really just boils down to a simple, pure love of the game itself.” said Tim.  “I’ve always loved private clubs that don’t over-do it on anything aside from the golf experience. A focus on course conditions, a pride clearly taken in practice amenity set up, a knowledgeable, affable golf staff. I found all of those on my first visit to the Golf Club of Houston. And, man, am I glad I did.”

Since joining Golf Club of Houston, Tim has experienced and enjoyed what it means to belong to Houston’s premier golf-first and golf only club, where he enjoys unlimited access to 36 holes of PGA Tour-quality on the Member Course and Tournament Course (home of the Houston Open on the PGA Tour for 17 years), a best in class Golf Instruction Academy and a full service locker room and clubhouse experience. As a golf member, his member privileges extend to BlackHorse Golf Club in Cypress and Black Hawk Country Club in Fort Bend County, giving him access to 54 additional holes of the Houston area’s finest golf.

What Golf Club of Houston offers is second to none in terms of high quality, golf first experience. As someone who has been playing the game for a good while, it’s one of the best clubs I’ve ever experienced. At the same time, friends I’ve brought out who either don’t play or are new to the game, who have a relatively untrained eye, still walk away with a whole new appreciation for what a great golf experience can and should be.”


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